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Our Methodology

Process methodology is a culmination of our years of experience in the IT industry and the expertise enriched thereby. Our expertise manifests in our ability to achieve perfection in every phase of project process, from the initial analysis stage through product completion, to customer support, consistently.

"Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process."

We have developed the following process methodology that is well-defined, yet flexible to meet diverse client requirements.

Analysis of your business processes gives us a better understanding of your business goals, so our products and services are always tailor made just for you.

Project Management Methodology:

TeamGrowth's project management approach follows a simple breakdown framework. In our Php, .NET and Java development we continuosly monitor the timeline using WBS. In the development of Iphone, Android and othe rmobile applications we focus majorly on risk mitigation.

1) Requirements and Analysis

In order to gain the complete understanding of the project requirements before commencement, if the requirements are very clear, well in advance :

  • Website design will be scalable, extensible
  • Screen design and flow will be known
  • Database Schema will be created with all the future enhancements in mind.

Hence, if there are any future enhancements, the impact on the existing software would be minimal. Once the requirements are clear and signed off, the development team will have a fixed set of requirements to work on.

2) Measure the progress of the project

As the website development will progress through certain predefined stages, the management team will be able to measure the progress of the project effectively. Gantt charts help to measure the progress at all phases.

3) Maintain the quality

Testers will ensure that all the requirements are tested. There will be generally two rounds of testing. Testing team will raise the defects and assign them to the developers. Developers will fix those defects.

We follow sound business ethics, policies, and procedures and have proven fast-performing business practices established through several years of experience in project development.

Our Clients

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ESDS has designed and developed complete website for Nashik Police Department as per our requirements, and allows easy registration and management of online complaints to our utmost satisfaction.
- ¤ Nashik Police ¤

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