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Mobile is taking the place of computer. The applications which were designed for computer are now being ported to mobile devices.Mobile commerce is becoming a part of our life. We use text as commands, we use mobile applications to make the payments. TeamGrowth has experience in creating mobile money applications which brings efficiency and security in transactions.

We at TeamGrowth have expertise in developing mobile applications which suits your needs. We have a great experience in deploying any computer based application on mobile devices. Few of them are the applications which are not at all possible on computer but we made them usable on Mobile. Mobile commerce is becoming a part of our life. We use text as commands, we use mobile applications to make the payments. TeamGrowth has experience in creating mobile money applications which brings efficiency and security in transactions.

The mobile phone market has fueled a lot in the growth of the software application development scenario. It is now a common activity to use of software apps for all mobile phone users, provided the phones is catagorised as smart phone. RIM's Blackberry and Apple's iPhone are two such mobiles those support all types of third party apps exclusively developed for their handsets.

TeamGrowth is a Mobile Application Development specialist and an outsourcing company having a wide experience in Mobile Applications. We have an extensive knowledge in Mobile Application Development platform including Mobile enabled website development, iPhone Application Development, Google Android, J2ME based Mobile Application Development for Nokia phones, Windows Mobile Application, LG phones, Samsung, iPhone Mobile Website Development and Blackberry Mobile Application Development.

iPhone App:

In the earlier days, iPhone developers were not esily found in the web world. There was very little or no support for developing an iPhone App., whether online tutorials, forums, texts etc. because in the form of an NDA Apple imposed a gag-order on all developers. Apple lifted its NDA restrictions on October 1, 2008. As a result, there are now a plenty of iPhone application development books available all over the internet as well as book stalls.

The iPhone and now the iPad are the most perspective next-generation mobile platform in the today's market. Though the process of designing an iPhone/iPad application is very similar to that of the creating a Mac OS X application. Since iPhone is on a mobile platform it has advantages over the Mac OS X and there are few things that needs to be considered perhaps, it needs a different approach to develop a App. Features like limited memory size, touch screen and a different field of use, should be considered carefully. It is also important that we keep pace with the new technologies but keeping in mind that we do not shed the features of older version while is actively in use.

We at TeamGrowth keep these in mind a develop an application which is competible with all version is iPhone, may it be iPhone OS 2.0 for iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.0 for iPhone 3GS or the latest iOS 4.0. We also help companies to register them selves with Apple Inc. and in case required we upload the application under our account. Recently we have also started developing iPhone websites which gives our client a complete new experience of providing services to their customers on a touch of their mobiles. It also helps them to compete their business rivals in a an unbeaten way.


Andriod is basically uses the Linux V2.6 Kernel with Java programming interface operating environment. In its earlier stage when Andriod targeted the phone Area it was more focused on smart phone and low cost flip phones. Android uses Dalvik, a special Java virtual machine, which is based on the Apache Harmony Java implementation. For data storage Andriod used SQLlite database and support 2D and 3D graphics under the openGPL licenses.

As soon as Google announced the Open Handset Alliance and the Android development platform along with first beta version of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) in November of 2007, it has over 1 million users downloading the SDK for Andriod platform from the Googles website. T-Mobile was the first company to launch a Android based mobile phone and by the end of teh year they sold several hundereds Andriod based applications and mobile phones.

Key Features of Andriod:

  • Android is a unique platform that allows Android developers to build unique, creative applications for Android platform devices.
  • Android mobile OS is based on Linux kernel and the development platform supports multitasking and multithreading, which means a user can run several application simulteniously without affecting teh performance of the phone.
  • Due the flexibility of Andriod apps, it allows developers to completely customized as per the requirement.
  • Android Mobile Application Development platform provide a very good platform to share the application and libraries among all its users, this also helps the developer to easily create a robust application without too much of difficulties.
  • Android also has a pre-built tools which dramatically increases the productivity of application developers and help them to build or design function rich android application faster.

TeamGrowth is a customer oriented Android Application Development Company and offers extensive range of Android mobile apps development services from game to complex business and enterprise software development. Our Expert Android developers have an in-depth knowledge of Google Android SDK which helps to create some amazing and great android apps for our clients.

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