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GIS based Property Tax Management for Municipal Council in Nanded District

  • GIS base spatial property database creation
  • Linking of spatial & non-spatial property database.
  • Development of desktop application for property repository management, updation & tax assessment
  • Migration & updation of existing property tax database to GIS based property tax database


Major Functionalities

User friendly interface for data addition and updation

  • GIS interface to perform spatial queries on database
  • Genration various kind of reports required in day to day operations
  • Tax calculation module
  • Keeping complete track of property in terms of dues, payments & ownership changes etc.


ArcGIS 9.3, Erdas 9.2, Arc Server, Arc FM, Envi , C#, ASP .NET , Flex , Oracle Spatial, etc.


  • Satellite image rectification by GCP collection in field
  • Digitization
  • Base map preparation
  • Spatial data attribution
  • House to house GIS survey
  • Non spatial information collection
  • Spatial & non-spatial information linking
  • Desktop Application development with Tax calculation module

Project Execution Phases

  • The project execution shall be followed for completion of the entire project is described below. The project shall be completed in phased manner indicated as below.
  • Phase-1: Design of the complete project
  • Pahse-2: Mapping
  • Phase-3: Property Survey
  • Pahse-4: Application development
  • Phase-5: Installation of software and Training

Benefits of GIS Based Property Tax Management System

  • GIS survey by GPS instruments of each property
  • Detailed ground survey for ground truthing mapping
  • Base map preparation from Satellite Image
  • Accurate mapping & area Calculation of each property
  • GIS database creation
  • Easy Property identification
  • Property Tax bill generation
  • Accurate revenue generation
  • Property map preparation for entire city / town
  • Easy updation for new property
  • GIS based spatial property database
  • Map/GIS based tracking of defaulters
  • Spatial and Non-Spatial data linking

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