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Hospital Information System

ESDS Hospital Information System (HIS) provides complete automation of operational and management activities to healthcare providers. It enables hospitals to efficiently manage their day-to-day activities and helps to decrease costs, reduce errors and improve quality of service.


Many healthcare organizations rely on disparate IT systems which are neither efficient nor can be integrated with newer systems. Lack of an appropriate information system leads to delayed decision making affecting operational efficiency and hence the business. Also, lack of transparency in processes across the organization results in loss of control over operations. Healthcare providers face issues in the existing systems like:

  • Lack of Security and Maintenance of data
  • Lots of manual and paper work
  • Lack of transparency and accountability
  • Lack of real time monitoring, control and decision making process through MIS
  • Inefficiency in consolidation of data across locations
  • Duplication of work across locations


Healthcare providers can overcome such challenges by integrating all the systems to ensure efficiency and faster information availability. ESDS HIS enables integration of work across processes, functions, services, departments, data and communication.

  • Increased flexibility while reducing administrative work
  • Minimizing errors and eliminating duplication
  • Reduction in manual efforts and hence lower staffing costs
  • Easily scalable due to standardized IT environment
  • Minimizes operational expenditure
  • Centralized data storage for easy access

Technical Advancement

  • UID and Biometric data capture to ensure consistency in patient data
  • Barcode and RFID integration to ensure easy recording of patient data
  • Mobile computing devices to ensure anytime anywhere usage

Scalability Features

  • Hospital Associates, Vendors and service providers are connected to the system over WAN (Internet)
  • No more geographical limitations to the Hospital management functions



  • Seamless authentication of users using standards, encryption and security protocols
  • Hierarchical Access Permissions to users
  • Open data exchange protocols for third party software
  • UTF-8 based Indian Language Support
  • Handheld mobile computing device
  • Barcode based patient label generator upgradeable to RFID
  • Standard patient charts, nursing reports, physician order forms etc.
  • Smart and efficient data search functions
  • Document management system for centralized access of data



  • OPD Billing
  • Concessions
  • Credit Limit Scrutiny

HR & Payroll

  • Record of Salaries
  • Leave Management
  • Duty plan and stand by management
  • Attendance Management
  • Overtime reports


  • All revenue entries are transferred automatically from billing module
  • Ledger Analysis
  • Cash Book
  • Profit and Loss Report


  • Stock in Hand Report (Group & Batch Wise)
  • Items Expiry list & warning
  • Blood Bank Management


  • Statistical reports based on diagnosis, age, sex, geographical areas and other parameters
  • Birth & Death Records with full details


  • Support for UID and Biometric
  • Records Socio-economical Data (eg. APL / BPL)
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Demographic
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Records Insurance related data


  • DICOM supported Image Management


  • Issue & Maintenance of Pharmacy Medicines, Drugs & Consumables
  • Purchase, Sale & Issue Register
  • Expiry and reorder level indicators


  • Online investigation requisition can be raised from OPD or IPD or Labs
  • Test reports analysis
  • Warnings & Auto-highlighting of abnormal values
  • Serology Test Form and data entry and their charting
  • Pathology Test Form and data entry and their findings
  • Bacteriology Testing Forms

Special Functions

  • Planned support for UID
  • Capture of Photograph and Biometric data
  • Follow-up and ATR report
  • Video Security
  • Photo Manager
  • Insurance Manager
  • Operations done Live can be streamed and given access to authorized users over the internet
  • Voice and video recording


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