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Our Expertise

With excellent designing abilities and programming skills TeamGrowth has not only fulfilled customers needs but also delivered world class websites/products. We provide comprehensive solutions for Website Design & Development, Software Development, Mobile Application development, Search Engine Optimization for various domains like IT, Manufacturing Units, Media & Advertises, E-Governance, Educational Institutes and Government.

Technical Expertise

Web Development : TeamGrowth has expertise in the development of high quality websites and web portals for its global clientele. Following are some Key technologies on which we work.

PHP : An Object Oriented open source web application development language. We have an experienced team of developers who are capable of developing and modifying any PHP based website. PHP Developers at TeamGrowth develop all application in PHP Framework, either in CI (Code Ignitor) or Smarty to ensure that our customers get an application which is highly scalable and adoptive for future needs.

CLASSIC ASP / ASP .NET FRAMEWORK : We have developed websites based on Microsoft ASP development platform, may it be Classic ASP or the .NET FRAMEWORK. Most of our corporate customers prefer their website to be built on Microsft ASP flatform for better peformance and to interact with major Windows services.

CSS : We use CSS to craft website layouts which are free from tables and at the same time are search engine friendly and cross-browser compatible. We also ensure that the website we develop in CSS are compatible with major browsers.

JavaScript : To enhance user browsing experience, websites developed by us are integrated with JavaScript. This enables the website to use resources of users machine rather than teh server and hence the speed of the website is 10 times faster than a normal website.

Application Development

VB/VB.NET and C# : We not only develop websites or online portals, but we also have hand-on experience in developing applications and software using Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) as per the requirements of our customers.

Java Technologies : Our team has expertise in Java Platform like J2SE, Core Java, Java Swings, JDBC, J2ME and we are able to develop and maintain any application.

Animation : Flash or 2D/3D animations can change the look of any website and make it more attractive. At TeamGrowth, we have a dedicated team to design an animation for your website or application or 2D or 3D animation for structures.

TeamGrowth possesses vast experience in the development and implementation of world class solutions and products for its clients spread across the World. We have designers and developers who are experts and experienced in web as well as software development arena. With experienced technical team which includes Website Designers, Web and Software Developers, Researchers etc, TeamGrowth has not only completed World Class projects, but also delivered these on time.

Database Design & Development

Database is the most important part of any website or application and proper design and development of the database can improve the performance and management of it. We design databases as per your business need and optimize them for more performance. Our experts can efficiently design and develop databases on MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle.

Not only the database design but our team has expertise in adminitrating the database for high availability. We can configure any tyoe of SEQUEL Server in to a cluster for mirroring and fault tollerance of an application. We can also administrate the backups and other matanance of all SEQUEL Servers.

Our Team : Our technical team consists of

Website Designers & Developers with extensive experience in developing Content Management Systems, Web/Online Portals, Flash and Animation (2D/3D), Mobile Application Development on technologies like PHP, JAVA, ASP.NET, Flex etc.

Software and System Developers who are efficient in.

  • Product Design & Development
  • Application Design & Development
  • Database Designs & Development
  • Developing ERP, CRM, SAP
  • Quality and Testing
  • Software and Support
  • System Application Development
  • Kernel Programming

Our Clients

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ESDS has designed and developed complete website for Nashik Police Department as per our requirements, and allows easy registration and management of online complaints to our utmost satisfaction.
- ¤ Nashik Police ¤

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