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ESDS eTapal provides complete automation of letter management processes for government offices. eTapal offers number of unique features that aids to a full-fledged management of letters received at the central inward branch of government offices. It enables government offices to efficiently manage their day-to-day letters and helps to reduce errors, decrease cost and improves the quality of service by fast processing of letters and barcode enabled letter monitoring and tracking.

Legacy System Challenges

It is very often seen that clerks in government offices are wandering from cabin to cabin in all the departments of office with the bunch of letters and pile of files. The users have to do all the activities manually like letter registration, assign letter to respective department, letter processing and tapal tracking and monitoring are very complex and time consuming processes.

Following are the limitation of manual letter management procedure:

  • Too Much Paper Work
  • Inconsistency of Data
  • Common Errors
  • Lack of Security
  • Time Consuming
  • Complex Letter tracking
  • Lack of Monitoring
legacy system challenges


To overcome problems of existing system and to reduce resource utilization, we have come up with an unique and effective solution. eTapal provides multi-user and multi-tasking system for managing letters. eTapal is fully automated wherein the users will be able to manage all features of the system according to their accessibility permissions.

Benefits of eTapal

  • Registration and scanning of letters with barcode enable functionality
  • Distribution of letters to the concerned departments on one click
  • Actions/process on the inward letters
  • Tracking of letters based on various parameters
  • MIS reports for administration
  • Effective search functionality


etapal system has following modules:


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ESDS has designed and developed complete website for Nashik Police Department as per our requirements, and allows easy registration and management of online complaints to our utmost satisfaction.
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