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ePDS Story

Our Story

How ePDS came into being.

ESDS' initiative to develop the unique concept of ePDS was inspired by certain coincidences. Our CEO, Mr. Piyush Somani, was visiting the Ministry one day, where one of the Government Official enquired about the services that we provide to the Government, and specifically for the Public Distribution System.

ESDS took this up as an opportunity and prepared a proposal explaining our understanding of the PDS system and the possible solutions we could offer. This proposal was made after a thorough study of their existing systems.

Our team prepared detailed reports, evaluated existing software that was being used by the District Supply Office, and even visited Godowns where the food grains are stored. Our hard work and persistence paid off when our proposal was declared a success with the Government officials expressing awe and amazement at our in-depth understanding of the PDS system and at the applicability and practicality of our proposed solutions.

ePDS has been designed based on the existing system that was proving to be difficult to manage. ePDS covers all essential areas and generates reports as per the requirements of the Government of India. ESDS' major contribution has been to make the Public Distribution System paper-free!

ePDS originally was conceived as a modification to the existing, basic level software that has been deployed and used at the District Level, developed by an Independent, local software company, but our dedicated team at ESDS revolutionized this concept and developed our own System. This system not only covers the basic requirements like Data entry for new Ration cards, Allocation of food grains and other commodities, Eradication of Duplicate records, but also performs certain other critical functions thus making ePDS truly unique!

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