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ePDS Benefits

Benefits of ePDS

  • Online Monitoring : Department Official can now monitor each and every transaction, with details about every single grain bag available on real time basis.

  • Elimination of Bogus and Duplicate Ration Cards : As Biometric Smart Cards will be issued to every family, there won't be any chances of duplication of records. It will also help eliminate bogus ration cards.

  • No Leakages : The records for grains and commodities being distributed to citizens will be recorded online and can be monitored by officials.

  • No Duplication of Work : One of the major drawbacks of the current system is the need to prepare physical reports which turn out to be tedious and time consuming. With ePDS, the reports will be generated automatically as the system can fetch any record as data when required.

  • Flexibility to Users : All the records of Ration Card Holders will be available on central server. Citizens will get the flexibility to get food grains from any shop in the city.

Road Ahead : With immense support from the Hon. Additional Collector and other Government officials, ESDS is taking small but significant steps towards making our presence felt in the Government Departments and making contributions wherever possible. We believe in excellence, always!

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